You can trust Strong Mama Birth’s referrals to provide you with the exact service you need.  You may also click here for a printable file of local resources.

Community Birth Support

Childbirth Education Empowering yourself with knowledge about what will be happening with your body and why during your birthing time is essential to keeping calm, staying positive, staying comfortable, keeping birthing moving, and improving the chances that you will not need medical interventions.  

Prenatal, Birth, Newborn, and Lifestyle Photography

  • Sherina Hill Photography – I have worked with Sherina frequently, and she is my go-to photographer for all things mom and birth. If you want to record your journey to parenthood in photos, Sherina is your photographer.
Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Mental Health Resources
 Support Groups

Counseling for Anxiety, Depression, Birth Trauma, Family Transitions

Breastfeeding Support –  Breast milk is not milk.  It is antibodies, enzymes, nutrients, and hormones that cannot be gotten anywhere else. It is a living substance. Living food. Breastfeeding is important for your baby and you. Yes, many people on this earth were raised with formula.  But science now estimates there may be 1000+ components in breast milk. We know this now, and we did not know it then.  Maya Angelou said, “I did then what I knew how to do.  Now that I know better, I do better.” Please set aside any cultural notions you have about breastfeeding and consider doing what is important for yourself and your child. Even one latch and nursing session will benefit your baby.

Postpartum Recovery Necessities

Baby Positioning Help

Chronic Pregnancy Pain and Pelvic Floor Issues

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine for Pregnancy

Prenatal Exercise

Local Artisians

Mom and Baby Activities Around Town

Crisis and Low-Income Pregnancy Resources