• Extended Distances:  We offer two options to you: prenatal visits in your home or prenatal visits in Ashley’s home office in Auburn. All options include birthing support at your home and hospital and one home postpartum visit. See the table below for travel fees.

travel fees

  • Layaway Payment Plan: If your ability to pay is hindered, or if you are a teen mom or a woman with sensitive issues surrounding your pregnancy (previous sexual trauma, plans for adoption, etc.), please contact Ashley. An interest-free payment plan may be an option for you.  You can pay a 10% down payment to begin the plan.   Ashley would like to serve you mindfully during your unique or difficult circumstance.
  • Deposit: A $250 deposit is due when the Strong Mama Birth Services, LLC, Doula Agreement is signed.  Payment for childbirth education is due when services are rendered. Any remaining balance  is due by your 38th week of pregnancy.
  • FSA and Insurance:  Doula fees and childbirth education tuition may be covered or partially covered by your health insurance.  Strong Mama Birth Services LLC does not file insurance claims, but it does have a NPI number and will create a detailed invoice of services and costs for your records. Additionally, if you utilize a medical FSA, the cost of childbirth preparation classes and birthing support services are reimbursable, especially if your care provider writes an order for them.

Strong Mama Birth Services LLC accepts cash, check, and credit/debit card. You may also conveniently pay online. Checks should be made payable to Strong Mama Birth Services, LLC.  All pricing is subject to change and is not confirmed until there is a signed agreement.