Calm and Comfortable Doula Services

With Strong Mama Birth Services by your side, you can rest assured you will have the environment and encouragement you need to use your calming and visualization techniques.  Research supports the short-term use of focused calmness as an effective way to increase your satisfaction with childbirth, also bringing comfort and a sense of well-being. As your hypno-doula, Strong Mama Birth provides:

  • A commitment to working strictly within the Hypnobabies® philosophy and utilizing calm and positive language and cues when supporting you in your birthing time
  • Assistance at your home during your active birthing time, and later, the hospital, with keeping you and your support people and caregivers reminded of the deep relaxation tools you are using. Your doula will remind your caregivers about your preferences for a dark and quiet atmosphere, and she will use Hypnobabies® verbal cues, scripts, affirmation, familiar music, and audio tracks to help you go deeper into your calm and relaxed state.