Coming soon: portable tub

Strong Mama Birth Services is proud to announce that at the end of May, private childbirth education clients and doula clients will be able to utilize a popular method of easing discomfort and inducing relaxation:  a folding, portable tub that will fit in most hospital bathrooms!

Many families do not have showers in their homes, or their bathtubs are not deep enough to feel fully submerged in water.  This tub is designed to be easily portable, yet deep.  It can be filled by the bathroom sink and drained into a shower or tub with a hose.

Because we serve clients at several hospitals, our clients will need to get approval to use this tub in their hospital bathrooms. However, they are welcome to use it at their homes while in labor, and they deserve that option! And if the client’s medical team approves of it, we will be happy to bring it to the hospital and set it up for a more calm, comfortable birth.  We will also include a disposable, sanitary liner which covers the inside and outside of the tub for complete protection.

Here are some details about this amazing tub:

  • Stainless steel frame, body, drain pipe and plug
  • Dimensions (top length/width/height/bottom length): 41″/22″/20.5″/29″
  • Folding, removable, portable, simple setup
  • Save water and space
  • Easy to step in and out of
  • Eco-friendly waterproof fabric (Nonplastic)
  • Foam insulation layer
  • Heat insulation effect lasts 1 hour
  • Disposable/sanitary liner provided which covers interior and exterior


Click on this video to get an idea of its size and depth!

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