Hiring a doula and winning on taxes

October through November is open enrollment for your annual medical flexible spending account, or FSA.  This is the account that is supplied incrementally from each of your paychecks, on a voluntary basis, and that reimburses you for co-pays, contact lenses, braces, and more.

I bet you didn’t know that the IRS also approves doula costs and childbirth classes on its list of acceptable expenses.  It does!

When a new baby is on the way, everyone tightens their belt.  A nursery needs to be planned, diapers need to be bought, leave needs to be saved up.  But none of those items are reimbursable from your FSA.

But your doula is!

I’ve been running a social media campaign trying to inform families that now is the time to commit your dollars (up to $2,550) to 2016’s out-of-pocket expenses, including your doula. It will all be available at the first of the year, and you can easily pay your doula while taking advantage of the reduction in taxable income.

Watch the video below, and share with your pregnant friends!

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