Future Lamaze Instructor Coming to Auburn/Opelika….

….and that would be me!

I have registered to attend a Childbirth Educator Seminar at the Lamaze, International Annual Conference in New Orleans in October!  The only Lamaze instructor in town has recently discontinued classes, so I thought I’d branch out into this area.  In my book, nothing is more important than understanding how a woman’s body works during pregnancy and birthing when it comes to having as healthy and hopefully enjoyable birth as possible. Once they understand the biology of birth, many women are able to let go of their fears and become empowered as their birthing approaches.

Once I complete the seminar, I will be able to start teaching classes immediately.  I will sit for a certification exam in April next year.

Lamaze has been a trusted name in childbirth education for decades.  But this Lamaze class “ain’t your mama’s Lamaze class!”  Lamaze, International, has re-branded itself.  It is not a “method” of breathing through contractions as it once was.  It is a broader philosophy and clear way to have a safe and healthy birth.  Lamaze stays current with all of the latest, evidence-based practices that improve birth for women around the world.  Their course materials are written concisely in an easy-to-understand format that, in my opinion, cuts through all of the chatter and confusing messages.  They are non-biased and contain no judgement because they are written based on evidence.  Their blog, Science and Sensibility, is generally very thorough.  While medical research is not perfect, it still remains the most rigorous and best way to implement medical practices when compared to anecdotal practices, status quo, practices based on convenience or economic profit, and restrictions to avoid malpractice litigation.  Join me on this journey as we learn about the safest and healthiest ways to have a baby!

Check out some of the information they provide by clicking on the videos or pdf’s in my sidebar.

So now, I get to look forward to a two-day trip to New Orleans on my own!  Now let’s just hope my lodging accommodations work out..I booked through airbnb.com for the first time.  It’s a shared room about 20 blocks from the French Quarter…..and is described as an artist/musician haven and Creole-inspired house in the Marigny neighborhood.  Hmmm.  It should be an adventure!



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