Consider donating your baby’s cord blood — it is compatible with delaying cord clamping


I have consulted three cord blood collection experts about this issue and have been told that if the collector is well versed in getting cord blood samples, he/she should be able to delay cord clamping by 2-5 minutes AND get a viable cord blood sample unit for donation.  This is good news considering all the research which has shown newborns benefit from delayed clamping.  Many mothers request that clamping be delayed until the cord stops pulsing.  In that instance, it will just depend on the size of the cord and the skill of the collector as to whether a sample can be drawn or whether the sample will be large enough for donation.  Either way, it is worth it to take the steps toward donating your baby’s cord blood.  If you are a mom delivering at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, Baptist East and Baptist South in Montgomery, or East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, you can get more information about this important program here.   Talk to your doctor about collecting cord blood for donation AND delaying cord clamping.  If you live elsewhere, look for more information here.

On the first day of your baby’s life, consider letting your baby GIVE life.


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