Calendula and lavender: perfect for a relaxing, soothing, postpartum soak

I have been searching for a way to offer soothing relief to moms who may have had perineal trauma or soreness after giving birth.  Before now, I’ve made padsicles (which were met with mixed reviews) and peri-spray.  I came across a popular Aviva Romm article and decided to give herbal sachets a try instead.

They don’t need to be kept refrigerated, so I can make up quite a lot ahead of time in preparation for future mamas.  They can be used in a number of different ways, including a full soaking bath, a compress, peri-spray, and a sitz bath.  Packed full of lovely postpartum herbs, they are reputed to ease stinging, burning, and swelling and promote quicker healing.  I modified the recipe slightly by eliminating rosemary, but this mix includes comfrey leaves, sage, lavender blossoms, calendula petals, witch hazel, and uva ursi.

I had some hesitation about whether I should offer them, as it is out of my scope as a doula to recommend or prescribe any type of treatment.  I am not a trained herbalist.  However, I decided that since Aviva provided the recipe, and the herbs checked out in several of my pregnancy references, I would make some and offer it to any clients who may be interested.  These herbs are applied as a diluted infusion topically, but, as always, I recommend moms check with their care provider before using on an open wound.

If photographs could transmit smell, you would be delighted with the soothing scent. Ahhhh….


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