A better memory: increasing satisfaction with your birth experience

“Researchers have gathered data on women’s satisfaction with their birth experience. They have looked at factors such as: c-section vs vaginal birth, the use of pain medications, water birth, length of labor, and perception of pain.  Interestingly, the number one most significant factor in satisfaction with birth is authentic participation in decision-making. Feeling truly informed, with your wishes understood and respected, throughout decision-making, leaves your dignity intact. It also validates you as a mother and everyone else as your support team.

Increased birth satisfaction is a remarkable gift of good informed consent practices. This memory, and the strength and beliefs you draw from it, may be a resource throughout life.  Informed consent is one aspect of your birth story that you do have control over. Taking the time to learn how to elicit these good conversations, and choosing to work with care providers who welcome them, is an important foundation to set before you give birth.”

– Deb Rizhal, Informed Consent in Pregnancy and Childbirth, March 24, 2014, Marasworld.com

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